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About us

Insight and understanding across the public policy agenda

Our Verian experts work with our clients and partners to solve for the next generation of public policy challenges, across all stages of the design, development, implementation and evaluation cycle. 

The Reykjavik Index for Leadership

Established in 2018 as the first global measure of perceptions of women and men's suitability for positions of leadership across the G7 and more than 40 other countries, covering all continents.

The Voice of Ukraine

Our award winning research programme has tracked the evolving priorities, challenges and living circumstances of displaced Ukrainian citizens over the last 18 months.

The Leaders' Report

Government communication teams face a range of challenges.  Not least how campaigns designed to deliver against critical public policy objectives are both effective and deliver value for money.

Reputation Measurement for the Public Sector

Our Reputation Index uses a globally validated reputation measurement framework -  benchmarking public sector agencies across New Zealand, Australia and Singapore.

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Fighting misinformation with counter narratives


Behavioural and Communications

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United Kingdom

UK Covid Inquiry appoints Verian to investigate impact of the pandeminc on children and young people


Policy Development and Evaluation

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Élections Europeennes 2024 - 


Polling, Opinion and Electoral

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