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About us
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Powering decisions that shape the world

From November 2023, Kantar Public has rebranded to Verian. To find out more about our next chapter as Verianwatch our video.

Our thinking

The Leaders' Report

Government communication teams face a range of challenges.  Not least how campaigns designed to deliver against critical public policy objectives are both effective and deliver value for money.

The Reykjavik Index for Leadership

Established in 2018 as the first global measure of perceptions of women and men's suitability for positions of leadership across the G7 and more than 40 other countries, covering all continents.

Reputation Measurement for the Public Sector

Our Reputation Index uses a globally validated reputation measurement framework -  benchmarking public sector agencies across New Zealand, Australia and Singapore.

Our services

We work end-to-end
across the 
public policy development cycle

We combine expertise in human understanding with advanced technologies and data science, connecting governments with citizens across the world. We work with our clients to create policy interventions, design better public services, and unlock behaviour change. 

We support the rapid development of policy thinking in moments of urgency. We implement policies on the ground for multi-laterals. We build communications to reach diverse and complex audiences.  

We provide the evidence base for policy design and decision making in governments and multilateral organisations around the world.

We help you enhance the design and development of public policies, programmes and interventions at every stage of the lifecycle to deliver public value.

Our experts have deep expertise and experience in understanding citizens' behaviour and deconstructing the complex range of levers that can drive change.

Our expertise in political and opinion polling helps governments and policymakers make informed decisions and contribute to the quality of public debate.

Case study

Changing behaviours to conserve water in Australia

Behavioural and Communications

School children hand washing in Sydney

Case study

Measuring the digitisation of payments and the Eurozone cash economy


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Case study

Evaluating the impact of programmes in the UK to create safer streets

Policy Development and Evaluation 

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Recent articles

Thursday 9 November 2023: Following the divestment of Kantar Public from Kantar Group in September 2022, the company has consolidated its separation and independence by rebranding in all operating markets across Europe, Asia

09 Nov 2023

The Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKYSPP) and Kantar Public (now Verian) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 20 July 2022. 
The MOU, approved by LKYSPP Dean Professor Danny Quah, was signed by Francesco

23 Oct 2023

Wednesday 15 November 2023: Verian, the global independent specialist public policy research, evidence, evaluation and communications agency today announced a formal partnership with Faculty, one of the world’s leading providers

16 Nov 2023

Our latest thinking

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