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Voice of Ukraine

Our award winning research programme has tracked the evolving priorities, challenges and living circumstances of displaced Ukrainian citizens over the last 18 months.

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As a consequence of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022, over 7.5 million Ukrainians have left their country to escape the fighting, and according to the UN, over 4 million are being welcomed by Member States of the European Union.  

Actions taken by public authorities have focused predominantly on emergency support and short-term solutions. But with no end to the war in sight, what happens next?  

Most displaced Ukrainians plan to go back, but when? In the meantime, they must access housing, healthcare, education, and financial resources and what about language barriers? How do governments and non-government organisations better understand the many challenges that displaced Ukrainians are facing? At the same time, the longer it takes, people start planning for a life outside Ukraine. 

To help address these challenges, a Pan-European team from Verian (formerly Kantar Public) has developed a dynamic and bespoke online panel to get first-hand insight into the challenges facing Ukrainian nationals who have been displaced.  The aim is to share the study findings to help governments and non-government organisations identify the right interventions, support mechanisms and community programmes to ensure that Ukrainian citizens, who have been forced to leave their homes, are properly supported over the longer term and their voices can be heard. 

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