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Programme and Impact Evaluation - Designing Impact Evaluation

Evaluation is becoming an increasingly important function for all organisations to consider how their programmes and interventions have led to impact.

25-26 April 2024
Lifelong Learning Institute
S$1,800 (before GST)

This 2-day programme evaluation course is designed to equip implementers with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct effective programme and impact evaluations and use the findings to improve their programmes.

The training will cover key concepts such as programme evaluation design, data collection, and communicating findings. Participants will also learn how to interpret evaluation findings and develop programme improvement strategies for sustainability.

This is a hands-on session where participants will have the opportunity of learning the key concepts and tools used in evaluation and apply them to their own personal case studies or real-world examples.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define what programme and impact evaluation is, its purpose and the process of conducting it.
  • Define a proper evaluation challenge that is aligned with goals and objectives (programme and organisation)
  • Appreciate behavioural insights and how it can facilitate change through programme and intervention design to achieve the outcomes
  • Develop a proper Theory of Change and Logic Model to plan for programme and impact evaluation.
  • Design a suitable evaluation plan for the respective programme, including data collection and ethics
  • Analyse and interpret evaluation data to draw conclusions on programme outcomes
  • Use evaluation findings to provide recommendations and key learnings for future programme and strategic development.

Target Audience

Mid- to senior-level public officers who guide the development of programmes to drive social, economic or behaviour change outcomes, who already have some basic knowledge and/or experience of programme evaluation and behavioural insights.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact our Singapore team.

I found this programme really useful in helping me demystify concepts such as theory of change and logic model. The programme also provides us with opportunities to apply some of these concepts that we have learned into real-life opportunities.

Lee Siok Koon, Tote Board

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