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About us

Political, Opinion and Electoral Advisory 

Verian delivers some of the world's largest public opinion studies and is a renowned force in public opinion polling. Our insights help governments, local communities, interest groups, trade unions, NGOs and private sector organisations to understand their operating context and consider the trends that will influence their future.  

We help clients to make sense of what can be increasingly dramatic shifts in public opinion, the political landscape and the relationships between citizens, policymakers, politics and the media.  

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Our approach

Reputation and brand 

We offer reputational and brand research and advice, including international comparisons on reputational norms for public service organisations. We use a range of media measurement and analysis tools that provide content analysis and audience segmentation.  

Media advisory  

We work extensively with leading media organisations, across all channels, contributing to the quality of public debate. We are apolitical commentators, offering expert evidence and analysis, shaped by evidence, to explain the context of public affairs. Our trained media spokespeople operate within the 24 hour news cycle and bring subject matter expertise and proprietary data to support their commentary 

Election advisory 

Verian are international leaders in election research and forecasting offering best-in-class expertise in election work around the world.We have decades of experience in local, national and pan-national elections, monitoring, forecasting and reporting. We are known for our exceptional track record, including in the UK being the agency that correctly forecast the 2016 Brexit vote.  

We work across the election cycle

1. Early stage voting intention research, campaign analysis, social media analysis, and campaign impact measurement 

2. Final outcome projections at the party and seat level 

3. Exit polling (in person on location) and via digital platforms 

4. Live studio reporting, for national and international television, including live projections updates, televised data visualisation, and on going live analysis 

5. Post election analysis and media reporting

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