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About us

We work end-to-end
across the 
public policy development cycle

We are specialists in working across the public policy development, design, implementation and evaluation cycle. 

We believe our combination of research, data and consulting skills increases our effectiveness as a partner. We can create the evidence to support policy formation. We can integrate behavioural approaches into our programme evaluation work. We bring creative execution to public communications. We move rapidly to create gold standard data using our proprietary infrastructure, and we build longitudinal data over many years, supporting the most valuable data assets to understand social change.  We are here to serve decision makers, with the tools required to deliver public value.  

Wherever we are working, we will bring the ‘pillars’ that are fundamental to our culture and our service to clients. At Verian we commit to bringing uncompromising objectivity, passionate expertise, purposeful problem solving, humble confidence and respectful candour – to everything that we do, anywhere that we work. 

We provide the evidence base for policy design and decision making in governments and multilateral organisations around the world.

We help you enhance the design and development of public policies, programmes and interventions at every stage of the lifecycle to deliver public value.

We have deep expertise and experience in understanding citizens' behaviour and deconstructing the complex range of levers that can drive change.

Our expertise in political and opinion polling enables governments and policymakers to make informed decisions and contribute to the quality of public debate.

Case studies

Implementing vaccine policy across the EU 

Policy Development and Evaluation

Changing behaviours to conserve water in Australia 

Behavioural Change and Communications

Crime Survey for England and Wales

Data and Evidence

Immunisation and handwashing behaviour change programme

Policy Development and Evaluation

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