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Verian and Faculty enter into formal partnership

15 November 2023

Bringing together the deep expertise and shared values of both organisations, this collaboration accelerates the application of responsible AI to support decision making in government and across the public sector.

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Wednesday 15 November 2023: Verian, the global independent specialist public policy research, evidence, evaluation and communications agency today announced a formal partnership with Faculty, one of the world’s leading providers of human-first AI solutions.

Ensuring and developing the highest standards around the responsible and ethical application of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies when applied to social research is at the heart of this partnership between Verian and Faculty. The partnership uniquely brings together world class expertise, a shared commitment to the highest level of ethical practice, and deep understanding of the exacting requirements of serving government and the public realm.

By applying AI technologies to social research we can analyse more complex, a wider range and substantially larger data sources. Resulting in more comprehensive research delivered more efficiently and effectively.

Craig Watkins, UK CEO for Verian, commenting on the partnership, stated: ‘From the outset of working together, it was evident that the combination of Verian’s world leading social research, evidence and analytical expertise, alongside Faculty’s technology, machine learning and AI capabilities and our shared values, would be a powerful force to help solve the increasingly complex evidence and data challenges faced by decision makers in governments around the world.

‘Solving the next generation of public policy challenges requires a unique combination of both human and technological intelligence. Through our partnership with Faculty, we will accelerate the innovation we are already driving in the advancement of methodological research frameworks.   Helping to ensure that we are providing the most robust evidence base for decision making in government and across the public sector.

Tom Nixon, Director for Government at Faculty commented on the partnership:

"AI is an epoch-defining technology - and it is now set to revolutionise how organisations do public research and analysis.

"From faster evidence gathering to larger research projects and new insights, AI will help achieve better results at lower cost with less manual work.

"Through the development of Verian's Smart Matrix Analyser, we have already seen first-hand the potential for AI to improve both the breadth and quality of large scale social research. But this type of technology is most impactful when paired with experts in social research disciplines. For this reason, we're very excited about partnering with the world-class team at Verian to offer new services to public and private sector clients, whilst fundamentally rethinking how large-scale research projects are conceived and delivered."

About Verian

Verian is a world leading, purpose-led and independent research, evidence, evaluation, and communications agency, providing services to government and the public realm.  

We work with our clients to help solve the next generation of public policy challenges. 

With offices across Europe, APAC and in the US, our specialist consultants and researchers are supported by our unique global data ecosystem. We provide gold standard data on the economy and society to decision makers.  

We combine expertise in human understanding with advanced technologies and data science, connecting governments with citizens across the world.  

We work with our clients to create policy interventions, design better public services, and unlock behaviour change.  

We support the rapid development of policy thinking in moments of urgency. We implement policies on the ground for multi laterals. We build communications to reach diverse and complex audiences. 

We bring global best practice and local expertise. ​ 

We are Verian. Powering decisions that shape the world. 

About Faculty

We help forward-thinking organisations solve their biggest challenges with AI.

Faculty was founded in 2014 with our Fellowship programme; helping the very best STEM PhD and Masters graduates to transition from academia to a career in data science.

Since then, we’ve evolved to become one of the world’s leading providers of human-first AI solutions. Our work underpins vital operations for healthcare providers, retailers, energy providers, and governments around the world.

For over a decade, our data scientists and engineers have helped over 250 customers build custom, enterprise-level AI solutions to unlock value and make better decisions. We are experts at helping customers reap AI’s benefits whilst managing risk.

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