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Kantar Public and Faculty AI collaborate to develop secure and ethical AI tool

20 October 2023

Kantar Public and Faculty AI collaborate to develop secure and ethical AI tool to support data synthesis in qualitative analysis

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Kantar Public, partnered by Faculty AI, has launched a new AI based data synthesis tool, designed to improve the data synthesis stage of qualitative research studies.

The new technology, known as Smart Matrix Analyser, is a closed platform designed with data security and integrity as a primary consideration. 

The joint team, with deep expertise in the ethics and professional standards for social research, have been working together throughout the year. There was clarity from the beginning that – beyond the hype of ChatGPT – any AI tool brought to market would need to both meet, and exceed, the highest expectations set by clients and the research community for gold standard evidence.

The joint team initially expected that AI could primarily add value in the first stage of the qualitative analysis process – where the data synthesis takes place.  But as work and testing continued, they found that as well as speeding up this first stage, the AI tool further enhanced the level and focus for the second stage of the process, where the value add of human and expert interpretation of the data takes the lead.

Kantar Public is currently piloting the tool on projects in the UK and across Europe.

Lucy Joyce, Client Services Director at Kantar Public UK commented: ‘We’re really excited by the possibilities that are now available through the appropriate, secure and responsible application of artificial intelligence, alongside our existing leading research methodologies. 

‘What was really important to us through the development of the Smart Matrix Analyser is that the AI tool is not a replacement for human expertise.  Rather it allows us to be more focused on the interpretation and analysis of the data, whilst simultaneously, enabling our researchers to stay connected to the raw data inputs at every stage as they develop and evaluate their insights.’

Tom Nixon, Director of Government at Faculty AI, said: “Faculty is delighted to have partnered with Kantar Public to build Smart Matrix Analyser.

“This cutting-edge new technology, powered by Generative AI, has the potential not only to drive efficiency and cost savings, but also to fundamentally improve how qualitative analysis is done in future - meaning more scale, richer insights, and more objective.

“We look forward to helping Kantar Public further develop the tool and get it into widespread use'.

About Kantar Public

Kantar Public is a world leading independent specialist research, evidence and advisory business providing services to government and the public realm, across all aspects of public policy.

With offices across Europe, APAC and in the US, our specialist consultants and researchers are supported by our unique global data ecosystem providing gold standard data. We combine expertise in human understanding with advanced technologies and data science, to provide the evidence and advisory services for successful decision-making in government and organisations working for the public realm. We share global best practice through local expertise.

About Faculty AI

Faculty, headquartered in London, transforms organisational performance through safe, impactful and human-led AI. We have over 10 years' experience helping customers reap AI’s benefits whilst managing the risks. Founded in 2014 with a training programme to help academics become data scientists, we now provide over 300 global customers with software, bespoke AI consultancy, and an award-winning Fellowship programme.

Our expert team includes leaders from across government, academia, and global tech brands. We have raised over £40m from investors including The Apax Digital Fund, LocalGlobe, GMG Ventures LP, and Jaan Tallinn, one of Skype’s founding engineers.

This press release was issued under our former global brand name: Kantar Public.  

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