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New Zealanders and the Arts - 
Ko Aotearoa me ōna Toi


Policy Development and Evaluation 


A strong cultural and creative sector is important to our national identity and economic development. Creative New Zealand’s triennial survey delivers national statistics on New Zealanders’ attendance at, and participation in, key art forms across Aotearoa. It also delivers in-depth insight into how New Zealanders view the arts at a personal, local and national level, and explores what prevents us from engaging more deeply.

With careful design and a robust sample size of over 7,000, our study also delivers deep insights at a regional level and for key communities including Māori, Pasifika, Asian New Zealanders and New Zealanders with the lived experience of disability.

The survey has proven to be a pivotal piece of research for the arts sector since 2005 delivering a wealth of information to support decision making at both a national and local level, and giving arts communities throughout Aotearoa the insights they can use to advocate for the arts. 

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