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Evidence for Public Policy

Helping governments understand social and economic change and assess the need for policy intervention 

We support governments and multilateral organisations around the world in evidence based policy making. We work for leading universities on some of the world’s most important long term and continuous measures of social change.  

We integrate classical social research methods with optimised mixed mode platforms, and innovations in digital and non-survey approaches. We work in every continent of the world to create gold standard evidence. We are primary data collectors, curators and analysts. 


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At Verian we have evolved an approach, and a way of working, that supports hundreds of expert researchers, survey methodologists, statisticians, and data scientists to work together in a genuinely integrated way – across disciplinary boundaries and across the world. We bring humble confidence to our problem solving capabilities on behalf of our clients.  

We have the infrastructure and subject matter experience to reach all parts of society – not just digitally enabled citizens - and to work internationally in the hardest to reach, and hardest to work in, environments.  

We lead the way in continuous but controlled and careful innovation. Our expertise lies in applying on-going cycles of learning to drive public value, whilst protecting the continuity and quality of time series. 

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Our areas of expertise include

Baseline data for policy research 

We design research programmes to understand the values, attitudes, resources, and need states of target populationsOur survey methodologists work with our policy subject matter experts to drive deeper insights for policy makers, through the design and implementation of survey tools. These data are also created for our Policy and Service Design teams, or, for the creation of baseline and midline data for our Programme Evaluation consultants.   

National Statistics, Official Statistics and International Statistics

We partner our clients on an international portfolio of work that integrates our research and data solutions teams. We have sector leading capabilities that are essential to the curation of long term data series. First, the non-disruptive application of mode innovation, which we have pioneered and supported by technology investment. Second, the creation of new measurement categories in line with changes in society (for instance, in the development of new categories of Crime) 

Longitudinal programmes 

We provide multi mode, continuous household and life course research on some of some of the largest and most complex longitudinal programmes of study. We are also able to create and manage digital longitudinal data to support programme and policy evaluation, using our proprietary digital random probability panels.  

Multi country programme research

This includes simultaneous research at the continental level, specialist translation capability, and in country testing.

Qualitative and Deliberative approaches

We are able to work in the most sensitive of public policy areas, and we have expertise in development of the evidence base in areas of public policy that have previously been ‘silent’ within public discourse (including for instance, gender based violence and sexual consent). Our deliberative toolkit includes mobilisation at the pan-continental level, as well as smaller, targeted digital deliberative work to inform rapid policy formation.  


Verian Context

We commonly apply machine learning and data imputation techniques to drive public value. In addition, we can provide a wider ‘evidence wrap’ to survey data. Verian Context, our proprietary tool developed in 2020, is a powerful data science platform and toolkit designed to enhance the classical evidence base for better public policy design and decision making.  


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