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An immunisation and handwashing behaviour change programme


Behavioural and Communications

GAVI case study

Gavi and Unilever (HUL Foundation) co-invested in the implementation of a health promotion program. The objective of this partnership was to increase demand for child immunisation and improve handwashing with soap on key occasions to prevent diarrhoea and pneumonia in children under five. Kantar Public was engaged to measure the effectiveness and contribution of this programme, document the learnings, and measure the return on investment of the interventions. 

The programme consisted of five different intervention models being tested across different geographies. The various intervention models were concurrently monitored to understand their effectiveness and identify factors in the behaviour adoption continuum that are facilitating or inhibiting the knowledge to intent to action pathway. A quasi-experimental mixed-method design was used to concurrently measure key performance indicators, in tandem with programme rollout. Additionally, a complementary panel sample was maintained, across treatment and control groups of the interventions to strengthen the attribution of results to the interventions.  

The study provided insights into the knowledge and practice around child immunisation, parenting practices and HWWS (Hand Washing With Soap) behaviour. Based on baseline insights, the programme interventions were developed and resulted in an improvement in the knowledge and practices around the key programme KPIs in the intervention areas. The study highlighted the effectiveness of a combination of digital and in-person intervention delivery strategies. 

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